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In this glossary, we offer you a brief overview of the most common terms relating to sales trailers – from trailer coupling to permissible gross weight.

Trailed towed without its own drive.Trailer driving licence
Is required if the car and trailer together weigh more than 3,500 kg (the permissible total weight is decisive).

Trailer coupling
A device for connecting a vehicle to a trailer.BuddyStar
Registered trademark of BuddyStar GmbH. BuddyStar is a supplier of sales trailers and food trailers made in Germany in the entry-level price category.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Formerly chassis number, is a 17-digit number used to identify a vehicle/trailer. The VIN can be found in the vehicle registration document and on the type plate.

Food trailer 
English term for a trailer with a mobile kitchen – alternatively snack trailer.Food truck
English term for a vehicle with a mobile kitchen that can operate self-sufficiently. The term is often used to refer to both food trailers and food trailers when referring to the food trailer industry as a whole.

Food truck festival
A market where different food trailers come together – and usually also food trailers, mobile food stands such as tents – and offer their specialities/street food.Glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)
GRPs are made of plastic and glass fibres, are pleasantly light, durable and, therefore, an ideal material for building the Retro Buddys.

Or also pitch, is the place to park a food truck/food trailer outside in public areas. The right location is crucial to success in the travelling trade and is often on the outskirts of city centres, industrial estates, office districts or private properties.

Heavy current
Is the colloquial term for three-phase alternating current. Compared to electricity from an ordinary socket, it differs in that it has a higher voltage.

Street food
The term “Street food“ refers to prepared dishes that can be enjoyed directly on the street. Especially in Asia, street food has a long tradition, but street food is also popular in Germany, because the range of “street food“ is huge. From the “Currywurst” or “curry sausage” around the corner, to the moving ice cream trailer, to a fruit sale – everything falls under the term street food.

Tandem axle
Trailers with 4 wheels and two axles with a distance of less than one metre are called tandem axles. This is used, for example, on the Retro Buddy L and all Silver Buddys.

TÜV inspection
Not only cars, but also food trailers must undergo a vehicle inspection (TÜV) at regular intervals of 12 to 24 months. BuddyStar trailers come with a 24-month TÜV approval as standard.

Sales trailer
A trailer designed for mobile sales of goods and food.Permissible total weight
The sum of the unladen weight plus the maximum load of a vehicle or vehicle combination (e.g. trailer) is referred to as the permissible total weight or, alternatively, the permissible total mass.

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