Colourful Waffle Wagon with Garland

Waffle trailer including two waffle irons

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Your mobile
waffle sales trailer

With its eye-catching design, this waffle trailer is a real magnet at events. For high demand, the waffle trailer is already equipped with 2 waffle irons. Take your waffle concept on the road now.

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Start your waffle trailer now. We would also be happy to design your concept individually for you!

Waffle trailer
Offer price

  • Retro Buddy M basic equipment
  • Electrical appliances and connection 400 V / 16 A
  • Refrigerator
  • 2 Waffle irons for Belgian waffles
  • GN top board for 6×1/6
  • Upgrading limited and much more

Waffle trailer

  • Your waffle trailer individually designed
  • In Retro Buddy M, L or Silver Buddy
  • Desired configuration
  • Devices of your choice
  • And much more

Our waffle concept
in portrait

Retro Buddy M Verkaufsanhänger in weiß mit geöffneter Verkaufsklappe und Seitenfenster vor der BuddyStar-Halle
Waffeleisen in einem schwarz-matten Silver Buddy 380 Verkaufsanhänger von BuddyStar
GN-Aufsatzboard eines mobilen Crêpeswagen
Edelstahlkühlschrank eines mobilen Crêpeswagen
Schloss von Innen des Retro Buddy M Verkaufsanhängers von BuddyStar
Kassenschublade des Retro Buddy M Verkaufsanhängers von BuddyStar
Doppelspülbecken des Retro Buddy M Verkaufsanhängers von BuddyStar
Wasserkanister des Retro Buddy M Verkaufsanhängers von BuddyStar
Steckdosen des Retro Buddy M Verkaufsanhängers von BuddyStar
Edelstahlhängeschränke des Retro Buddy M Verkaufsanhängers von BuddyStar

Advantages of the
waffle trailer

Powerful waffle irons

Large topping station for high individuality

Eye-catching retro design, perfect for waffles

Geld sparen Icon für günstigen Anschaffungspreis

Low entry price, high profitability

ISO Zertifikat Icon

ISO 9001 certified quality management

Low energy consumption

Pay off your Buddy
in just 24 days*

Our Buddys and the equipment they contain deliver outstanding efficiency. With our waffle trailer concept, equipped with two waffle irons, you can easily bake 2 waffles at the same time in just 3 minutes.  

*Non-binding example calculation.
Buddy purchase price approx. € 20,000. Average sales price € 6, product cost €  3. Average working day 8 hours, energy cost € 1,99 per hour, wages € 12,50 per hour. 

Our waffle concept
in action

Colourful waffle trolley - with waffle iron in retro sales trailer
Interior of the Buddystar waffle trolley with stainless steel counter and price tags
Buy Waffle Wagon - Waffle Mobile in Retro Design
Waffle Wagon in Retro Design by BuddyStar
Waffle fries and Belgian waffles in the BuddyStar waffle cart
Erfolgreich mit einer mobilen Eisdiele: Die Eistante als Best-Practice-Beispiel
Belgische Waffel mit Eis.

Questions & honest

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Colourful waffle trolley in use at eventColourful waffle trolley in use at event

Real customers,
real successes

I have been travelling with my M Buddy for over a year now. The handling is so easy that a woman can manage it on her own. People always marvel at the chic Buddy and it is always a great eye-catcher at events The service is great, I have a good relationship with our seller.

  • Janina
  • Waffeltante, Hemer
  • Colourful waffle trolley - with waffle iron in retro sales trailer
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