Bunter Retro Buddy S mit offener Verkaufsklappe und Verkäuferin vor einem Gebäude

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Whether you sell fruit, vegetables, delicatessen, cheese or jewellery – this market trailer offers space for all kinds of assortments. Had enough of that tedious assembly? No longer a problem with us! Simply open the flap and sell.

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Start now with your market trailer. We would also be happy to design your concept individually for you!

Market trailer
Offer price

  • Retro Buddy M basic equipment
  • With lowered steel counter to the sales flap
  • Outdoor counter with acrylic glass hood
  • Hygiene package, hot water connection
  • Upgrading limited and much more

Market trailer with refrigerated counter
Offer price

  • Retro Buddy M basic equipment
  • With lowered steel counter to the sales flap
  • Refrigerated counter with safety glass bonnet
  • Hygiene package, hot water connection
  • Upgrading limited and much more

Our market trailer
in portrait

Retro Buddy M Verkaufsanhänger in weiß mit geöffneter Verkaufsklappe und Seitenfenster vor der BuddyStar-Halle
Kassenschublade des Retro Buddy L Verkaufsanhängers von BuddyStar
Steckdosen des Retro Buddy M Verkaufsanhängers von BuddyStar
Wasserkanister des Retro Buddy M Verkaufsanhängers von BuddyStar
Schloss von Innen des Retro Buddy M Verkaufsanhängers von BuddyStar
Edelstahlhängeschränke des Retro Buddy M Verkaufsanhängers von BuddyStar

Advantages of our
market trailer

Geld sparen Icon für günstigen Anschaffungspreis

Favourable purchase price, high profitability

Eye-catching design with recognition

Flexible for many products

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No trailer driving licence necessary

Low energy consumption

ISO 9001 certified quality management

Pay off your Buddy
in just 85 days*

Our Buddys and the equipment they contain deliver outstanding efficiency. Our Buddys offer plenty of space. With our market trailer concept, equipped with an extra-large sales counter, you can easily display 10 boxes of apples. This means you can sell an average of 98 kg of apples per day.

*Non-binding example calculation.
Buddy purchase price approx. € 12,000. Average sales price € 5, product cost € 2,50. Average working day 8 hours, energy cost € 0.45 per hour, wages € 12,50 per hour.

Our market trailer
in action

Market cart in front of supermarket
Market trolley with acrylic counter
Market wagon with bread - fruit - vegetables
Stainless steel bench in the BuddyStar market trolley
Market trailer as mobile farm shop with fruit and vegetables

Questions & honest

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about our market trailer. Your question is not there? Then simply send us a message.

Real customers,
real successes

The Buddy is very well received and we have a lot of requests for events. The cooperation with BuddyStar was very cooperative. We felt very well advised and in good hands, so it couldn’t have been better from our side and it was on the same wavelength. I can therefore recommend BuddyStar!

  • Mathias
  • Gentlemans Blend, Pforzheim
  • Barista Gentlemans Blend im Kaffeewagen von BuddyStar

    We were able to implement part of our Horror Nights Traumatica dining concept perfectly at the Silver Buddy because everything is available in a very small space and the short working distances make everything work much faster. It’s perfect for exactly what we wanted to achieve with it.

  • David Borgas
  • Europa Park, Rust
  • Verkaufsanhaenger Kunde ist gluecklich Referenz

    I have had my Buddy M from Buddystar for a few weeks now and after a short time it has already grown into my <3! I received excellent advice and support. The concept is well thought out and the Buddy is a real eye-catcher everywhere! I would like to thank the Buddy team for the great cooperation and the great support!

  • Nadine
  • schwarzwaldpfote - Leckeres und mehr
  • Retro Verkaufsanhaenger für mobilen Verkauf von Hundeartikeln

    We bought a beautiful BUDDY for our mobile patisserie and are super satisfied! The BUDDY, in our design, is a real eye-catcher and stands out everywhere! The service was great right from the start and we hope it stays that way! We have been actively using the BUDDY since Nov. 2020 and would of course be very happy if it continues to provide us with its loyal service for years to come.

  • Family Gorr
  • Torteninsel - Mobile Patisserie, Baden-Baden
  • Verkaufsanhänger als mobile Patisserie

    I have been travelling with my M Buddy for over a year now. It’s so easy to use that a woman can manage on her own 😉 People are always amazed by the chic Buddy and it’s always an eye-catcher at events 🤩 The service is great, I have a good relationship with our salesperson.

  • Janina
  • Waffeltante, Hemer
  • Testimonial Waffel Verkaufsanhaenger

    The individual, conceptual set-up and advice was top-notch. The result is impressive and is declared by many people to be very good. The car is a complete success.

  • Miss Götschenberg
  • Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG
  • Verkaufsanhaenger als Wasserwagen für Events

    We have had our BuddyStars for 2 years and for us it is practical because they can be used completely individually in catering. We bought the sales trailers without much expansion so that we can flexibly install and remove our equipment and thus adapt to any event. We definitely recommend Buddystar. Especially in catering, you can arrange it the way you want. It’s actually ideal for our industry!

  • Alexander
  • Partyservice Muth, Heddesheim
  • Verkaufsanhaenger im Einsatz Verkaufspersonal

    After a year of touring various markets with a pavilion, we saw this trailer at a colleague’s and immediately fell in love.
    We have been on the road with our Buddy since the end of 2021 and are totally thrilled. We keep getting positive feedback from our customers.
    We recommend BuddyStar again and again.

  • Daniela und Markus
  • Kriegels Kruste
  • Frau neben einem grünen Retro Buddy

    As our new favourite work colleague on wheels, the Retro Buddy S is an essential part of our marketing campaign. Our hard-working helper accompanies us to events, city festivals and trade fairs in and outside our region. As an info- & coffee-mobile, it is an absolute eye-catcher and receives many invitations. The compact size and the equipment tailored to our needs make it a very pleasant travelling companion and a complete success for us. We thank you for the good advice and the courteous service!

  • Karin
  • Wirtschaftsförderung Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg
  • Frau in einem Verkaufsanhänger mit Softdrinks

    We, the Lions Club Zweibrücken, have purchased our BUDDY 2021. From the first phone call with the BUDDYSTAR team, to the planning, to the delivery, everything was very friendly, open and professional.
    Our BUDDY has become a real eye-catcher and is used for our activities at the Christmas market, the city festival or other events. We are very satisfied and can only recommend BUDDYSTAR!

  • Markus
  • Lions Club Zweibrücken
  • Mann steht im Silver Buddy mit geöffneter Klappe und einem To-Go Becher in der Hand.

    I am very satisfied with everything. A lot of enquiries about the Buddy M in general, because this shape really catches the eye. I am thinking of buying a larger Buddy in the next few years. I can only recommend!

  • Dirk
  • Wefis Schnapsideen, Soest
  • Testimonial Dirk Wefis Schnapfsideen Verkaufsanhaenger
    BuddyStar Focus Innovation Champion Dekra certified Proven Expert 4,5 Stars Google 5 Stars
    Snackkar op evenement met open verkoopklep

    Food trailer for Asian street food

    The snack trailer is versatile for Asian dishes. Take your creations on the road now with the Asia food trailer!

    Verkaufsanhänger im Retro Style als mobile Kaffeebar vor der BuddyStar-Halle

    Mobile coffee bar

    Germany’s most popular hot drink is a true guarantee of success. Get started now and discover your new mobile coffee bar.

    Waffle cart with open sales flap in a car park

    Waffle trailer

    With three waffle irons for Belgian waffles and matching topping station, waffle dreams come true. Discover your new secret waffle machine now!

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